Chamsey European Burmese

Hello and let me thank you for showing an interest in what is truly a remarkable breed of felines: the European Burmese. If you are contemplating the adoption of one of these delightful creatures I can guarantee that within hours of bringing one home you will be wondering how you ever lived without them!

I created my cattery name by combining certain letters of my children's names. CH from Chase, AM from Amy and SEY from Casey...resulting in "Chamsey."

My cattery was created and registered with CFA before my fourth, and final child, Caitlin, was born. I think, as a result, I owe her a cat.

If you haven't yet been blessed by being involved with a European Burmese then get ready for the relationship of a lifetime. I freely admit that they are my “drug of choice!”

Founded in 1985

Always Exclusively CFA Burmese!

Only CFA European Burmese breeder in the state of Illinois.

Welcome to Chamsey Cattery